Zanzibar, an archipelago of many small islands, is a semi-autonomous area of Tanzania lying some 25 miles of the coast of the Indian Ocean. The two main islands are PEMBA Island, to the north, and the larger southerly UNGUJA Island, or Zanzibar as it’s widely known. Around two thirds of the 1.3m population live here, with most settled in the densely populated west. Outside of a handful of main towns, most people live in small villages – trading, subsistence farming, or living off the sea.

The reefs are rich in marine biodiversity, making them ideal for snorkeling and diving and with miles of beaches of the softest white sands, fringed with coconut palms, it is a classic tropical paradise.


Known as the “spice island” for its abundance of spices and its strategic importance in the spice trade. Unguja island became the jewel in the crown of many colonial powers; changing hands from the Arabs, to the Germans and British among others. The footprints of these empires are still visible today in the colonial offices, luxury colonial hotels and the haunting remains of a once eminent slave trade.

The island’s cultural, material and geographical importance has given the island and its people a rich identity and culture that makes Zanzibar as popular and welcoming as it is today. Stonetown is the most well known part of unguja island and is famous for its architecture,culture&street food; the rest of the island is largely rural and the beautiful coast is lined with high end hotels,luxury accommodation and private beaches.


Is the second largest island in Zanzibar and is one of the most spectacular locations for a Zanzibar beach holiday; pemba island is a firm favorite with local holiday makers and veteran visitors to Tanzania. Adventurous tourists head to pemba to enjoy quieter, untouched beaches and coral reefs. Pemba is an island for those who are looking for a truly peaceful Zanzibar beach holiday that allows them to fully experience Swahili island culture and feel at one with nature.


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Discover Zanzibar's best beaches with its spectacular sunsets, palm-fringed beaches, turquoise waters & colourful coral reefs


Zanzibar can always deliver a memorable stay for all guests and couples who arranged for Honeymoon!
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Africa is home to the world’s most spoiling, luxurious, intimate and exclusive yet astonishingly wild holiday destinations in the world

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